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Curtain for home maintenance is one of the things we must do during spring-cleaning, when we want to remove it in the house. Having fresh curtains in the house makes the space cleaner and brighter, which makes it important to have clean curtain for home.

The best time to do curtain cleaning is during a sunny day. Remove all the curtains in the house and put them in the washer. To save time, you can clean your windows while the curtains are being washed. Most curtains can be washed using delicate cycle but for drapes, may have to buy a commercial cleaner where in you can spray on. Remember not to force drapes in the washer without removing the metal hangers. In addition, make sure that washer can stake the load capacity of the drapes. are in doubt, it is best to do homemade dry cleaning to clean the heavy material of the drapes. In this way, do not have to take down the drapes.

One of the enemies of curtain for home is cigarette smoke. If there are smokers in your home, probably have to clean curtains every three months. The soft fabric of the curtains can be affected by nicotine in cigarettes. In addition, home will smell like smoke if just washed curtains. It is necessary to use fabric softener on curtains during the rinsing process. This way, curtains will smell nice.

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