desert contemporary house

Deep in the desert of Pioneertown, California, this simple sustainable house was designed by architect Lloyd Russell as the “ultimate desert structure.” A striking steel canopy makes up the home’s main shelter, under which the eco house design takes shape. The house is made of recycled materials, making the old new again, and beautiful too. An essential in the sandy hotspot, the innovative canopy house was designed to passively regulate the home’s temperature threefold – first, to reflect the sun’s rays and heat away from the home; second, to shade the house; and third, to act as a wind buffer, allowing the cooling breeze to blow through the structure. The 1,600-sq.-ft. main house features rusted corrugated-steel walls with contemporary, wide expanses of glass that slide open to bring the outdoors in and further cool interiors.

It’s brilliant idea, in tropical this design can make high temperature solution. High temperature from sun rise can’t come in to the house because it’s blow by wind at top of inside roof. But this design have a weakness if the wind blow too fast the dust can come in to the house because the door with sliding glass can truly close

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