Hotel Interior Modern Design

Hotel Interior Modern Design
Hotel Interior Modern Design
Hotel Interior Modern Design

Compared to a house, lighting places whose aim is to temporarily receive guests, such as hotels, spa, tourist centers, has several peculiarities. First of all we should think about the psychological impact of artificial light compared to natural light on people.

In a hotel during the day people are attracted by the interior design, by furnishings, shapes and colors. But at night the hotel has a second dimension, since the guest needs to stay in a safe, comfortable and protected atmosphere, but even relaxing, clean and efficient. It's clear that only artificial lighting can satisfy this mix of needs.

So the first thing to do is assure the highest comfort both to guests and to the staff. The hotel in fact is a place of work and as such it has to lighted, even if the lighting elements which assure a good view to the staff have to harmonize with the characteristics of a pleasant lighting for the hotel guests and have to be able to adequately vaporize the different areas.

A reception for example is a place that has to immediately draw the attention of the guest, as soon as he enter the hotel. Its lighting has to be at the same time attractive and impressive, with decorative elements that communicate the quality level of the services at disposal of the guest.

It's fundamental to have a good lighting of vertical surfaces and to limit horizontal lighting of working surfaces, in particular those of the reception. On the wall behind the concierge there should be much light since this is an element which draw the attention of the customer.

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